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How to earn Beri?

Dungeon Challenge
Last challenge dungeon in today, you will get:
[D] Gate: 0.5 Beri.
[C] Gate: 5 Beri.
[B] Gate: 12.5 Beri.
[A] Gate: 25 Beri.
[S] Gate: 50 Beri.
For every 1,000,000 Beri mined on the system. The amount of Beri you receive will be reduced by 30%.
Invite your friend
You will get 10% Beri that your friends earn from the Dungeon.
Please send your Referral link to your friends before they sign up for an account.
Sell Equipment & Item on the Market
You can sell Equipment & Materials for other player on the Market to get Beri.

Why my energy not reset?

You need click check-in to reset Energy Pool and all activities turn.
Last modified 1yr ago